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The Malware Museum

Mikko Hypponen

The Malware Museum is a collection of malware programs, usually viruses, that were distributed in the 1980s and 1990s on home computers. Once they infected a system, they would sometimes show animation or messages that you had been infected.

Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety.

Software History Collection
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The Malware Museum
by Daniel White
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A quick presentation on Virus History by Daniel White at Project Cyber Virus, held on May 5th, 2015 at Swissnex San Francisco. In 2004, Daniel White’s computer was infected with the Sasser worm, a fast-spreading autonomous worm that made millions of computers around the world reboot continuously. Fascinated by the concept of malware, he spent the following years learning everything he could about the subject, from general malware news to specific details of every virus, becoming a self-taught...
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Topics: Virus, History, Malware